Board Members


There is a membership area within this web site that has detailed information about joining the OCA. The contact for all membership issues: ocamember@gmail.comClick here for more information about membership.

General Inquiries

Please email us at

Don Danko
Vice President, Promotions -
Lew Carbone
President, Programs, Club Liason, Jim Smith Fund -
Rhonda Sorensen
At Large, Appointed -
Mark Chaloupka
BAP Cichlids
Steve Heinbaugh
Catfish BAP -
Jonathan Dietrich
Secretary -
Gary Mendez
Webmaster -
Hilary Lacerda
Membership, Librarian -
Mark DeWerth
Raffles, Manufacturer Liaison -
Marilyn Danko
At Large, Elected
Eric Sorensen
At Large, Appointed
Scott Myers
Historian -
Carl Olszewski
Bowl Show, Photographer, Refreshments (w/Sherry) -
Jonathan Strazinsky
Andrew Schock
Bulletin Editor -
Sherry Olszewski
Treasurer, Refreshments(w/Carl)
Carol Doerr
Jeff Natterer
At Large, Elected
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