Board Members


There is a membership area within this web site that has detailed information about joining the OCA. The contact for all membership issues: ocamember@gmail.comClick here for more information about membership.

General Inquiries

Please email us at

Lew Carbone
President, Programs, Club Liaison, Jim Smith Fund, Auctions
Gary Mendez
Vice President, Webmaster, Manufacturer Liaison
Sherry Olszewski
Treasurer, Refreshments (w/Carl)
Jonathan "Jombie" Dietrich
Hilary Lacerda
Membership, Librarian
Mark Chaloupka
Cichlid BAP
Steve Heinbaugh
Catfish BAP
Ron Maichle
Bowl Show, Apparel
Scott Myers
Carl Olszewski
Raffles, Refreshments (w/Sherry)
Don Danko
Marilyn Danko
At Large
Samantha Fletcher
At Large
Jeff Natterer
At Large
Byron Von Gunten
At Large
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