Extravaganza 2023 Show Rules

 2023 OCA Cichlid and Catfish Show Rules

Exhibitor Qualifications

1. Any hobbyist may enter who pays the fee of $2.50 per entry. OCA membership is not required.

 2. No limit on the number of entries per exhibitor.

 3. No entry will be in more than one class.

 4. One entry per container.

 Entry Deadlines

 1. All entries, entry fees, and entry forms must be received before 2:00 PM on Extravaganza Saturday.

 2. Exhibit set up time will be on Extravaganza Friday between 2:00 PM and 10:00 PM, and on Extravaganza Saturday between 8:00 AM and 2:00 PM.

 3. If any exhibit needs to be relocated for any reason only members of the show committee are permitted to do it.

 4. Tampering with any exhibit other than your own is strictly forbidden.


 1. Judging, which is done with a rubric, will take place on Extravaganza Saturday beginning at 4:00 PM. Only the judges and staff will be permitted in the show room during this time.

 2. Decisions of the judges on class changes, disqualifications, and show results will be final. 


 1. The OCA will provide air, airline, and air valves for each show exhibit. Swiss Tropicals 3” cube filters can be pre-purchased for tanks 5 ½ gallons and larger. (See online registration).

 2. The exhibitor will provide the tank, show fish and “special purpose” sponge filters (for tanks smaller than 5 ½ gallons). 10 gallon tanks can be pre-purchased. (See online registration).

 3. Treated (Prime) water will be available on site.

 4. The OCA will provide tables for containers 29 gallons or 30 inches maximum. Please let us know ahead of time.

 5. Any exhibit over 29 gallons or 30 inches; exhibitor will provide the stand.

 6. Containers must have a flat viewing side.

 7. Containers will be bare except for air-stones and air driven filters.

 8. Containers will have a clear or solid background.

 9. All containers must be covered securely to prevent jumpers.

 10. No sprays, window cleaners or other chemicals will be permitted in the show area.

 General Rules

 1. All exhibits will be under the control of the show committee.

 2. No exhibit will be dismantled prior to 10:00 AM on Extravaganza Sunday without permission from the show chairman.

 3. The creative aspects of entries in Classes 27 (Prints and Slides) and 28 (All Other Art Forms) must have been solely the work of the exhibitor. Entries in class 28 must be made by hand.

 4. Show fish designated by the exhibitor for auction must be registered and bagged by the exhibitor. Auction registration is on Extravaganza Sunday from 9:00 AM until Noon.

 5. Air will be provided until 1:00 PM on Extravaganza Sunday. At that time, any remaining tanks will be drained halfway and removed from the show display.  All exhibits must be removed from the show area by 5:00 PM. Any exhibits not removed by then will become property of the OCA.

 6. The Ohio Cichlid Association or the Best Western Plus Strongsville will not be held responsible for any loss or damage incurred during the show.

 7. We, the OCA, will do our best to ensure the highest amount of care and security is given to each entry.

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