Extravaganza Auction Information

November 18, 2018
Holiday Inn - Strongsville
Registration 9am to Noon
Auction begins at 10am

Each seller needs a seller's form. Save time by filling one out in advance. Download seller's form »

Auction Rules

These are the rules for the auction at the OCA Extravaganza.They are different from the rules for the OCA Winter Auction, chiefly in that no dry goods are allowed at the Extravaganza auction.

  1. This is a Cichlid, Catfish, and Aquatic Plant auction only!!!
    No dry goods will be auctioned!
    If you bring anything but cichlids, catfish, and aquatic plants to the auction
    they will be accepted as donations to the OCA only.
  2. Registration ends at Noon.
    Late comers can be accepted at the discretion of the OCA, but their goods will be placed on a black selling table, and will be auctioned after all red, blue, green and yellow bags have been sold.
  3. 5 bags per species/color morph maximum.
    Please be aware that the check-in procedure will validate all limits.
  4. 60 bags per family maximum.
    Please be aware that the check-in procedure will validate all limits.
  5. Bags can be labeled with labels or permanent marker.
    You are required to submit a Seller Sheet listing your information and each of your bags of fish.
  6. Bags should be labeled with your three initials
    (ABC) then a number 1 to 60.
  7. All bags will be distributed among the colored selling tables (red, blue, green, etc).
    Bags of one color will be auctioned first, then the next, and so on. The color for the first bags to be auctioned will be randomly drawn right before the auction begins (ie. red may not be first), and nobody knows what color will be first until right before the start of the auction.
  8. All fish to be auctioned will be in suitable quality bags.
    No zip-loc bags or similar low quality bags will be accepted.
    Fish that are not bagged properly and bags that are leaking will be re-bagged at the discrection of the Ohio Cichlid Association and a $3 re-bag fee will be charged to the seller.
  9. No sick or deformed fish will be accepted.
    If such fish are found, they will not be auctioned.
  10. All sales are final.
    Buyer beware!
  11. No item may be removed from the auction once it has been registered.
  12. The split is:
    The first $1 to the club, and of the remainder 70% to the seller, 30% to the club.
    This is to encourage people not to enter fish in the auction that will likely sell for $1 or $2.
    Selling fish for which there is so little demand is a waste of everybody’s time!
  13. Any unclaimed items at the end of the auction will become the property of the Ohio Cichlid Association.
  14. Cash is encouraged.
    A number system will be used for anyone wishing to run a tab. Buyers must register with the registration committee at the beginning of the auction. Personal checks will be accepted with proper identification.
  15. All similar items may be sold at the last bid at the auctioneers discretion.
    The highest bidder having first choice, and other bidders having subsequent choices
  16. No Flowerhorns, Blood Parrot Cichlids or known hybrids are allowed in the auction.
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