Malawi Breeding Project 2013

Photos courtesy of Ad Konings

Legal fishermen on Lake Malawi (above)

Illegal Fishermen camping at Chinyankwazi Island

Look at the effect these illegal fishermen have had on this small island. They have removed or killed every living thing that made its home here. They have had nearly the same affect on the populations of cichlids living in the lake, and have nearly removed all fishes of some species due to not obeying local laws. Some heavily fished breeding areas in the lake are empty of the cichlid species that reproduced there.

Breeding Project Site at Kambiri Point

First species at the Kambiri Breeding Site

Melanochromis chipokae Male (Top) and Female (Bottom) - Chidunga

Pseudotropheus saulosi Female (top) and Male (Bottom) - Taiwa

Thumbi West Island with Mitande Rocks (forground) - Home to the next breeding project species Tropheus duboisi - mazwa?

Tropheus duboisi mazwa juvenile (top) and Adult (Bottom) - Halembe

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